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Chris Claremont Must Be Stopped!

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Once upon a time(in a time called "the 80's"), there was a man. And this man was a writer; creator of many wonderous things. He wasn't always the best, but he was good enough and has just enough luck on his side. His name was Chris Claremont.

As time past, the man's followers grew and along with his name. Soon, there were few in his realm that didn't know of his work. Then came the time known at the 90's and later, the turn of the century. the man was still writing. Still worshipped by some. But it was obvious his talents had withered. He lived on name and little luck alone.

It became more and more obvious that Mr. Claremont began to consider himself more a god than writer. His ego was the envy the land. It also became obvious that his current works were tarnishing not only his name and good work of years past, but his entire artform. A cry started out, small at first, then it grew and the voices became clearer and clearer. Their cry was simple and true.

"Chris Claremont must be stopped!


This community is dedicated to the idea that Chris Claremont has over stayed his creative window. While this place is meant to be a heaven for people who are not happy with Claremont, his supporters are more than welcome to join and debate his merits. However, no flame wars, personal insults, or any other such behavior will be tolerated. Spoilers must be kept behind an lj-cut until the next issue comes out. Long posts also must be kept behind an lj-cut. Any violators will be moderated or worse.

This community is moderated by aquariusfire